Delicious 3-course menus in Restaurant L'Ermitage

Roast beef salad

Sliced roast beef and vegetable ratatouille on seeded bread
Grilled catfish fillet with sweet potato cream, spinach velouté and grilled cherry tomatoes
Limoncello cheesecake
Lemon flavoured ricotta cheesecake with bilberry soup

Chicken salad
Roasted chicken fillet and quinoa salad with honeyed pumpkin, pear and fresh mint pesto
Ravioli with rabbit
Ravioli with rabbit meat in vegetable stock
Panna Cotta
Milk kissel with sea buckthorn coulisse, berries and hazelnuts

Mussels in tomato-gazpacho sauce
Beef steak
Beef tenderloin in pepper crust with mashed potatoes, black salsify chips, smoked garlic and beef stock
Maracuja sorbet with peach in strawberry soup

Price: 19.50€/ per menu