Delicious 3-course menus in Restaurant L'Ermitage

Carpaccio selection
Carpaccio of salted beef seasoned with fresh herbs and duck fillet
Grilled catfish, roe, Nicoise salad, parsnip puree
Red Velvet cheesecake
Mild and juicy velvet cake with cream cheese marshmallow and sour cream

Goat cheese salad with mini beetroot
Guinea fowl confit
Leg of Guinea fowl, black quinoa, mint and
lemon sauce, cantaloupe melon, pear
Chocolate-caramel cake
Mascarpone, chocolate chips, cognac, berries

In warm white wine and cream sauce
Beef steak
Tenderloin, port wine, artichoke, almond potatoes, baby carrots
Red berry parfait
Ricotta, chocolate, red berries, almonds, honey

Price: 21.50€/ per menu