A'la carte menu

Fish roe duet 13,80 €
Salted salmon and whitefish carpaccio, salmon and
whitefish roe with buckwheat blinis, onion tartar and sour cream
Pickled appetisers à la Provence 8,20 €
Pickled gherkins, mini-onions, sun-dried tomatoes,
Prosciutto Crudo ham and mini crostinis with anchovy
fillet, tomato and Parmigiano cheese
Carpaccio selection 8,70 €
Carpaccio of fresh salted beef with herbs and duck fillet
with a slightly smoked flavour, walnut and apple relish,
with balsamic caramel

Salad L´Ermitage 9,50 €
Grilled giant prawn tails with Grana Padano cheese tuille,
marinated pear Caesar salad, mozzarella cheese,
prosciutto ham and balsamic caramel
Caesar salad 7,50 €
Grilled salmon fillet, salad mix, marinated vegetable
with Dijon mustard and white wine vinegar dressing
Caesar salad with pickled melon and pear, grilled goat
cheese and balsamic caramel
Warm chicken salad 7,50 €
Baked broiler fillet and vegetable filo tart with
feta cheese and basil sauce
Roast beef salad 8,20 €
Roasted beef slices and vegetable ratatouille with
pumpkin seeds on Bavarian toast bread

Baked cannelloni pasta 10,50 €
Cannelloni filled with ricotta and feta with Neapolitan sauce
Farfalle pasta 11,50 €
Farfalle pasta and duck confit with brown mushroom,
green asparagus and roasted pine nuts

French onion soup 6,50 €
Shallot soup with Brebiscreme cheese, garlic and
Dijon mustard croutons
Chicken consommé 7,50 €
Chicken bouillon with broiler and crab tail terrine
and julienned vegetables
Salmon and seafood soup 7,80 €
Salmon cream soup with saffron, seafood and leek
Cream of tomato soup 6,50 €
Tomato soup with herbs and garlic, served with basil pesto crostini

Main course à la L’Ermitage 15,80 €
Grilled broiler, pork and veal fillet with bacon and
Gorgonzola Gran Selezione cheese in flaky pastry,
served with red wine cappuccino sauce
Salmon 13,50 €
Salmon fillet steamed in white wine on a bed of
spinach and Parmigiano cheese with chanterelle sauce
Stuffed pike perch fillet 14,50 €
Pike perch fillet with crème fraîche, smoked ham and salmon
filling, celery, potato cake and lemon sauce
Plaice 13,50 €
Grilled spicy Atlantic plaice fillet with butter and chilli
sauce, served with boiled potato and tomatoes in balsamic
and maple syrup caramel
Ballotine of chicken 14,50 €
Roasted chicken fillet with giant prawn and basil filling,
pasta risi and white wine sauce
Pork chop 13,80 €
Roast pork chop wrapped in bacon with avocado
and paprika filling in white wine and apple sauce,
served with oven-baked vegetables
Pepper steak 17,80 €
Beef tenderloin roast with cream and brandy sauce,
served with garlic potatoes and vegetable stir fry
Beef tenderloin 19,90 €
Grilled beef tenderloin with sugar and lemon glaze
and pistachio cream, served with herb potato puree
and shallot marinated with balsamic
Lamb shank 18,50 €
Braised lamb shank with bulgur and Mediterranean
vegetables in blackberry sauce
Vegetables 12,50 €
Selection of stuffed aubergine (zucchini or bell pepper)
with vegetables and pine nuts, gratinated with Parmigiano cheese

Dessert L´Ermitage 7,90 €
Chocolate cake, coffee and Bailey´s crème brûlée,
selection of ice cream with cherry and
caramel sauce in marzipan
Ice cream terrine 6,80 €
Selection of ice cream with berry sauce in marzipan
Crème brûlée 6,80 €
Coffee and Bailey´s crème brûlée with orange sorbet and
pistachio tuille
Mango cake 6,80 €
Mango cheese cake with strawberry sauce
Cheeses 8,70 €
Selection of Italian and French cheeses with crackers, nuts and fruits