Menu and Chef's wine recommendations

Estonian fish plate (E) 12 €
Lightly salted whitefish fillet and whitefish roe, bread with spiced herring, Baltic herrings, pickled lamprey with egg and mustard salad
Wine recommendation: Gavi di Gavi, Fontanafredda, Piemonte, Italy – 32 €

Carpaccio selection (G) 9 €
Carpaccio of salted beef seasoned with fresh herbs and duck fillet with a slightly smoked flavor, rucola, Parmesan cheese and caramelized beetroot-balsamic vinegar
Wine recommendation: Chianti Classico Riserva, Rocca delle Macie, Toscana, Italy – 39 €

Chicken salad 9 €
Roasted chicken fillet and marinated vegetable salad, tomato tapenade
and fresh mint pesto

Salads with mini beetroot (K) 9 €
- goat cheese, mandarin and pecan nuts (G)
Wine recommendation: Sauvignon Blanc Single Vineyard, Cono Sur, Chile – 33 €
- roast beef and horseradish in creamy sauce (G)
Wine recommendation: Cotes du Rhone „Saint-Espirit“, Delas Freres, Rhone,
France – 28 €
- warm french lentil salad, grilled baby carrots and beetroot-balsamico caramelle (K)
Wine recommendation: Pinot Grigio Villa Vescovile, Cielle, Trentino, Italy – 32 €

Avocado soup (G) 9 €
Avocado-spinach creamy soup with tomato and snow crab meat

Duck consommé 9 €
Duck broth with Asian flavors served with shrimp and scallop stuffed tortellini

Salmon and seafood soup (G) 9 €
Salmon cream soup with saffron, seafood and leek

Char (G, L) 15 €
Baked char fillet with spicy basil-caper relish and steamed pak choi cabbage,
side dish by choice
Wine recommendation: Riesling Dry, Ch. Ste-Michelle, USA – 30 €

Corn-fed chicken 15 €
Baked corn-fed chicken fillet infused in calvados and apple cider with butternut squash velouté and Brussels sprouts
Wine recommendation: Chardonnay Nottage Hill, Thomas Hardy & Sons, Australia – 28 €

Filet Mignon (G) 21 €
Grilled beef tenderloin in Põltsamaa fruit wine-tarragon sauce with mini vegetables,
side dish by choice
Wine recommendation: Reserva Finca El Cano , Bodegas Aster, Ribera del Duero,
Spain – 31 €

Pepper steak       160 g/240 g 18 €/21 €
Grilled beef tenderloin in cream-cognac sauce with garlic potatoes
and roasted vegetable salad
Wine recommendation: Cabernet Sauvignon, Ch. Ste-Michelle, Washington, USA – 36 €

Lamb (L, E) 15 €
Roasted lamb rump cooked at a low temperature with lentils braised in red wine-rosemary sauce, side dish by choice
Wine recommendation: Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz, Thomas Hardy & Sons, Australia – 29 €

Rabbit (G) 15 €
Baked rabbit leg and side-meat roll stuffed with foie gras in white wine-cream sauce,
side dish by choice
Wine recommendation: Chardonnay Nottage Hill, Thomas Hardy & Sons, Australia – 28 €

Vegetables in cooking pot (L, V, E, K) 12 €
Season vegetables in cooking pot braised with herbs
- white wine - shallot - coriander sauce (V, E, K)
- in wild mushroom sauce (G, E)
- with Chèvre

Side dish by choice
- almond potatoes with herb-butter
- seasonal baked vegetables
- boiled basmati rice

(L) – Lactose free, (G) – Gluten free, (V) – Vegetarian, (E) – Local flavor, (K) – Low-calorie

Crème brûlée (G) 7 €
Crème brulée with caramelized kumquats
Wine recommendation: Põltsamaa Kuldne, Estonia 8cl/ 50cl – 4 €/ 18 €

Cappuccino cake 7 €
Coffee flavored chocolate cake with roasted and sugar coated nuts
Wine recommendation: Quinta do Noval 10 Years Tawny, Oporto,
Portugal 8cl/ 75cl – 5,20 €/ 38 €

Cheesecake 7 €
Lemon and pistachio flavored cheesecake with berries
Wine recommendation: Põltsamaa Kuldne, Estonia 8cl/ 50cl - 4 €/ 18 €

Selection of cheeses 12 €
Selection of Emmentaler and L'Ermitage cheeses with fig jam and black currant jam, crackers, nuts and fruits