Group menus 2015

Version I

I option
Salted whitefish snack
(Lightly salted whitefish bite of seed bread with egg salad and fresh herb puree)
Beer-flavored pork
(Baked pork collar glazed with honey and mustard with pea and potato mash, and Estonian beer sauce)
Buttermilk dessert
(Jellied whipped cream–buttermilk dessert with berry kisel)

  II option
Mulgimaa's meat pâté
(Calf, pork and beef meat pâté on seed bread with berry sauce)
Roast chicken with apple wine sauce
(Overbaked chicken fillet with carrots and rice steamed in Hõbe Õun apple wine–cream sauce)
Rhubarb compote with cardamom
(Rhubarb compote with cardamom with vanilla sauce and spicy shortcrust pastry cookie)

  III option
Beef Dumpling soup
(Clear beef–dumpling soup with vegetables)
Honeyed perch fillet
(Overbaked perch fillet marinated in Põltsamaa Lossivein marinade with beetroot–potato cream and glazed asparagus)
(Curd–whipped cream cake with coffee and Vana Tallinn liqueur–flavored syrup)

 Version II

I option
Cauliflower soup with scallop
(Cauliflower cream soup with grilled scallop)
Pork fillet and prosciutto ham ballotine
(Roasted pork fillet roll with prosciutto ham and spinach and sage stuffing, white wine sauce, parmesan potatoes and green asparagus)
Tiramisu ice cream
(Tiramisu ice cream with Amarena cherry syrup and chocolate droplets)

II option
Lightly salted whitefish carpaccio with basil pesto
(Lightly salted whitefish Carpaccio with tomato sorbet and basil pesto)
Almond chicken with feta cheese
(Chicken fillet gratinated with almond crust, feta cheese sauce and tomato rice)
Lemon cake
(Lemon cheesecake with blackberry Melba)

III option
Chicory salad with pork pie
(Flaky pie with minced pork and bacon, chicory and arugula salad, sesame seeds)
Trout baked in yogurt sauce
(Trout fillet baked in yogurt sauce with dill and boiled potatoes)
Mojito cheesecake
(Frozen mascarpone and lemon cheesecake with raspberry Melba)

Version III

I option
Salmon pâté
(Salmon pâté with avocado and cherry tomato salad)
Citrus-flavoured beef fillet
(Grilled beef fillet marinated with citrus fruit and garlic in shallot bouillon,
orange and arugula salad, potato and celeriac cake)
Green tea brûlée
(Green tea crème brûlée with almond caramel and flambéed fruits)

II option
Goat cheese and pepper terrine
(Goat cheese and pepper terrine with basil and arugula salad)
Herb-basted rack of lamb
(Herb-basted and gratinated rack of lamb with gratinated parmesan potatoes and fig sauce)
Chocolate fondant
(Warm chocolate cake with raspberry sauce)

Special vegetarian menu

Boletus cream soup
(Delicious cream soup with boletus mushrooms, potato chips and fresh herbs)
Filled crepes with parmesan
(Crepes with vegetable filling, gratinated with tomato and parmesan cheese, with basil and pesto sauce)
Fruit with Grand Marnier liqueur
(Baked fruits with orange juice and Grand Marnier liqueur, served with yoghurt)


Menus include coffee, tea and ice water.

 Orders and additional information:
Phone: 6 996 400