Conference menu

I option
Beer-flavoured pork
(Baked pork collar glazed with honey and mustard with pea and potato mash, and Estonian beer sauce)
Peach cake
(Peach- cheesecake with chocolate figures)
Price: 14,50 EUR / per person

II option
Roast chicken with apple wine sauce
(Baked chicken fillet with carrots and rice steamed in Hõbe Õun apple wine–cream sauce)
Lemon cake
(Lemon cheesecake with blackberry Melba)
Price: 14,50 EUR / per person

III option
Beef Dumpling soup
(Clear beef–dumpling soup with vegetables)
Honeyed perch fillet
(Baked perch fillet marinated in Põltsamaa Lossivein marinade with beetroot–potato cream and glazed asparagus)
Price: 14,50 EUR / per person

Special vegetarian menu

Filled crepes with parmesan
(Crepes with vegetable filling, gratinated with tomato and parmesan cheese, with basil and pesto sauce)
Vegetable ratatouille with roasted pumpkin seeds in an eggplant bowl
Fruit with Grand Marnier liqueur
(Baked fruits with orange juice and Grand Marnier liqueur, served with yoghurt)
Price: 14,50 EUR / per person

Menus include coffee, tea and ice water